Canon XF100 vs. Canon XF105

The Canon XF100 VS the Canon XF105 – Which Camcorder is Right for You?

If you are searching for a top notch professional digital camcorder for a very reasonable price, two that you have probably stumbled across are the Canon XF100 and the Canon XF105.  Both of these professional camcorders are fantastic additions to anyone’s digital video toolbox.  However, with the price difference of roughly $1000, you are probably wondering exactly what each of these devices have to offer as far as performance and features are concerned.  You may be surprised at exactly what the additional money will buy you, because both of these camcorders share a lot of similar features and benefits.

Both the XF100 and the XF105 are capable of recording video in HD format.  Both share the maximum recording capabilities of 50Mbps recording at 4:2:2, which equates at 1920×480, thus delivering true HD resolutions.  Both camcorders share the MXF recording format and deliver both quality video and audio.  The camcorders also share the exact same 10x optical zoom lens, as well as a 3.5 inch LCD display.  This display is slightly smaller than older model camcorders, which allows for the more compact look and feel of the XF100 and XF105 series.  They also share the same image stabilization abilities by using 4 modes of super range optical image stabilization.  In a nutshell, all of the recording features are not only similar, but exactly the same, as far as quality is concerned.  So, you will never see any difference whatsoever in the quality of one video over another if you compared them side by side.

There are only two primary differences to consider when deciding between the Canon XF100 and the Canon XF105.  The first is your professional video output jacks.  The XF105 features a set of professional ports and terminals including Timecode, Genlock, and HD/SDI, which will quickly allow you to plug directly into studio style video and television equipment for immediate HD display, while the XF100 lacks these ports.  The only other difference in the two camcorders is that the XF105 is slightly heavier than the XF100.  This slight weight difference is a whopping 3 ounces roughly, so you wouldn’t even be able to notice it unless you were recording for extended periods of time.

All in all, if you are looking for a fantastic compact, professional HD camcorder, either of these would be wonderful for both casual and professional use.  Their compact size is ideal when moving quickly and frequently, and is a must if your line of video capture work requires this.  If you are going to be using your camcorder to directly feed into studio style inputs, then definitely go with the XF105.  Otherwise, save yourself the approximate $1000 and opt to purchase the same features in the XF100.

Canon Accessories

Canon Accessories

There are quite a number of Canon accessories which can enhance the performances of your Canon HD camcorders.  For the XF 105 model , the ones you will need include;  Cross screens, macro lens with 4x magnification factor, cleaning kits, LCD protector, battery charger, Besel kit tripod, Besel monopod, Besel PRO ultra fish eye lens, battery kit, Cam gloss cleaning wipes, Cam gloss optical multi-cleaner, the cam gloss power dust brush, Cam gloss tornado blower, Circular lens  hood, Circular polarizer filter, Cleaning kit cam gloss, Color filters, Zoom kits, LCD display protector, lens filter cap, memory card reader and USB cable, Multi image filter, Neutral density filter and much more.  A Canon hard case can be very valuable in keeping your camcorder safe when not in use.

Canon Accessories -Get the Right Filter

The 4 and 8 point star filter is one of the Canon accessories you will likely need.  This kind of filter can help you get a softer focus effect by creating a flare to the light source.  It is an accessory that is best used when focusing on images on highly reflective surfaces, it is also ideal during festive lightening conditions, and sunlight-on-water conditions.  The 4x macro conversion lens is particularly designed for close up pictures which seem to be impossible to view through naked eyes.  Insects, flowers and other micro-objects can be captured on videos through the help of this accessory. It is perfect for getting videos of short distant objects.

Canon Accessories – Cleaning Kit

The 5 piece cleaning kit is one of the essential canon accessories you will need to maintain the cleanliness of your camcorder. The cleaning kit for this camcorder includes 1 micro-fiber cleaning cloth, a blower brush,  cleaning fluid, 1 lens tissue, and 5 cotton swabs.  All these materials are needed for cleaning and enhancing the operations of the camcorder. The cleaning kit and LCD protector is also important, it comes with 2 standard LCD protectors, a cleaning fluid, blower brush, lens tissue, micro-fiber cleaning cloth and cotton swabs; all these will ensure that you your LCD screen is free from dirt and any other foreign materials.

A Battery charger is one of the cannon accessories needed for optimum power supply to your camcorder. The charger comes with a free car adapter which means you can charge the camcorder even while you are driving; it is one of the things you will definitely need to take along with your camera while you are on vacation.  The besel kit  tripod is the camera stand on which the camera is mounted, it is particularly designed for professionals, and it comes with a head ball which can be used to move the camera slowly in all directions.  This kind of tripod design is easier to use compared to the conventional tripod.

One of the more important Canon accessories is the Lithium rechargeable battery that ensures that your camcorder is always charged. The cam-gloss cleaning wipes will ensure that your LCD screens, TFT monitors, and plasma displays are free from dirt and other foreign materials.

Canon HD Camcorder

canon hd camcorderCanon HD Camcorder

The Cannon HD camcorder has remained the best seller in the last 10 years.  There are a wide range of these camcorders which are very effective in capturing those precious moments of your birthday, wedding anniversaries, Christmas celebrations and any kind of celebration you are having.  Relying on these units will help you to get the ideal precision images which you can covert to any files which are compatible with most kinds of playing modes and this means you can watch those videos even on your computer or HDTV.

Canon HD Camcorder Features

Though the Cannon HD camcorder comes in a wide range of models, there are some unique features which are common to all of them and these include; the powerful zoom optical and digital features, a video storage format, the view finder mode, image stabilization features, and the digital still capture feature.  A high range of standard definition and high definition has been provided and whether you use them to record inside the house or in an outside environment, you will always get very clear and crispy sharp images.  Aside from the sharp images, the high definition models of these are also available in numerous formats including; Flash memory, HDV, DVD, Hard disk drive and Mini-DVD.

When it comes to getting a camcorder that suits everyone’s needs and budget, the Canon HD Camcorder is the best choice.  It is fitted in a 10x optical zoom lens, and most of the features that come with the equipment are integrated.  One of the integrated features you should also expect is a built-in light which ensures that the objects on focus receive enough light to make them appear sharper on the recorder.

The in-built LCD and view finder makes the Canon HD camcorder user-friendly and it creates much confidence in the user. This piece of equipment is designed for both professional and amateur video-shooters.  The flexibilities used in the design of this wonderful video-shooter are built to meet superior image quality performance demands, performances here are of high standard and even an amateur can shoot a wide range of videos with the camera through a number of settings which are visibly set both outside and inside.

Canon HD Camcorder Has High Quality Shooting

The superior settings and high quality standard shooting mode installed in this camera can make it ideal for various kinds of shooting settings.  It makes it ideal for traditional studio settings, shooting of TV commercials, shooting of corporate videos, documentaries, and independent movies.  Canon has created a video recorder that is compatible with all these various settings demands alongside several other settings to ensure that correct video qualities are obtained.

The high performance lenses coupled with adjustable controls can help switch between one mode of viewing and shooting to the other, and when performance meets the needs of customers what we get is satisfaction. The Canon HD Camcorder comes with an owner’s manual that makes its operation easier and there is 24-hour customer care support or a representative at hand to help deal with different situations that may arise.

Canon Professional Camcorders

canon professional camcordersCanon Professional Camcorders

The best Canon professional camcorders around are the XF series which comprises of the XF 105 and XF 100.  If you want to shoot with DSLR, you can get any of these recorders.  One more thing here is that you will have to rely on the 2CF slot because both of the cameras are tape-less.  These new video cameras record on 50Mbps maximum speed and the DIGIC DV III image engine will allow you to plug your XF camera and record 3D videos quite fast.  When shooting in an extremely low light condition, there is an Infra-red shooting effect that will enhance the images. The 10x OIS zoom plus XLR input will also enhance your shooting experience.

The Smallest Canon Professional Camcorders

The XF 100 and XF 105 models are truly impressive, they are the best Canon professional camcorders .   Just recently it was announced that these two video recorders are now available for the mobile HD video capture, and that the XF 100 and XF 105 can be said to be the smallest camcorders from the brand company which can make use of the same XF CODEC system found on the XF305, and XF 300.   Aside from their exceptional high definition image quality, XF 100 and XF 105 make use of full non-linear editing system capabilities that ensures efficient and high work-flow.

Canon professional camcorders come with in-built camera features which enable them for easy set-up as well as the capturing of high definition videos.  In complete darkness, you can make use of the in-built infra-red design to capture images.  There are compact flash cards which are available in both equipments which allow recording and storing their videos. Maximum performances on both cameras have been enhanced with hot swappable card slots, while the HD-SDI output alongside the SMPTE time code is ideal for the gathering of electronic news, documentaries and film making events.

Canon Professional Camcorders – Extreme Portability, High Work Flow

If you are looking for extreme portability with high work-flow, you need the XF 100 or XF 105 Canon professional camcorders.  The 3-D stereoscopic opportunities will allow a user to expand into new markets, and with the versatile low cost capabilities, these new camcorders will offer you maximum benefits for your money.

The genuine Canon 10x HD zoom lens is a feature that enhances and provides mobility for the excellent optical performance which video-shooting professionals always look for in their camcorders.  Canon professional camcorders come with full HD 1920 x 1080 CMOS image sensor alongside a color detail for the ideal color detailing on a camera.  Another good thing about these video recorders is that they are compatible with all the different software used in video production, and that means you can easily store and convert different video files from one format to the other.

The file wrapper feature comes with an open source format which will ensure that audio and video exchanges become easier from one piece of  equipment to another.    The XF 100 and XF 105  Canon professional camcorders are the most ideal pieces of video recorders around because they offer great quality images through a perfect combination of internal and external components.