Canon XF100 vs. Canon XF105

The Canon XF100 VS the Canon XF105 – Which Camcorder is Right for You?

If you are searching for a top notch professional digital camcorder for a very reasonable price, two that you have probably stumbled across are the Canon XF100 and the Canon XF105.  Both of these professional camcorders are fantastic additions to anyone’s digital video toolbox.  However, with the price difference of roughly $1000, you are probably wondering exactly what each of these devices have to offer as far as performance and features are concerned.  You may be surprised at exactly what the additional money will buy you, because both of these camcorders share a lot of similar features and benefits.

Both the XF100 and the XF105 are capable of recording video in HD format.  Both share the maximum recording capabilities of 50Mbps recording at 4:2:2, which equates at 1920×480, thus delivering true HD resolutions.  Both camcorders share the MXF recording format and deliver both quality video and audio.  The camcorders also share the exact same 10x optical zoom lens, as well as a 3.5 inch LCD display.  This display is slightly smaller than older model camcorders, which allows for the more compact look and feel of the XF100 and XF105 series.  They also share the same image stabilization abilities by using 4 modes of super range optical image stabilization.  In a nutshell, all of the recording features are not only similar, but exactly the same, as far as quality is concerned.  So, you will never see any difference whatsoever in the quality of one video over another if you compared them side by side.

There are only two primary differences to consider when deciding between the Canon XF100 and the Canon XF105.  The first is your professional video output jacks.  The XF105 features a set of professional ports and terminals including Timecode, Genlock, and HD/SDI, which will quickly allow you to plug directly into studio style video and television equipment for immediate HD display, while the XF100 lacks these ports.  The only other difference in the two camcorders is that the XF105 is slightly heavier than the XF100.  This slight weight difference is a whopping 3 ounces roughly, so you wouldn’t even be able to notice it unless you were recording for extended periods of time.

All in all, if you are looking for a fantastic compact, professional HD camcorder, either of these would be wonderful for both casual and professional use.  Their compact size is ideal when moving quickly and frequently, and is a must if your line of video capture work requires this.  If you are going to be using your camcorder to directly feed into studio style inputs, then definitely go with the XF105.  Otherwise, save yourself the approximate $1000 and opt to purchase the same features in the XF100.

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